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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Kentucky

Helping the injured is our focus at Robinson Salyers, PLLC, and that includes helping people who sustain injuries on the job. Our workers’ compensation law practice is led by Benjamin Salyers, a partner at the firm, who has handled these cases in Kentucky since 2001. Our firm fights to ensure that injured workers receive fair treatment from their employers and from the state workers’ comp system.

Full-Service Representation For Injured Workers In Kentucky

From law offices in Frankfort and Shelbyville, our workers’ comp attorneys serve clients from varied backgrounds and occupations across central Kentucky. Our workers’ compensation clients range from office workers, factory workers, long-haul truckers, delivery drivers, distillery workers, service industry employees, and anyone in between. Whatever your job is and whatever your injuries are, you can rely on Robinson Salyers, PLLC, for strong representation for your workers’ comp claim.

We can guide you through every aspect of the Kentucky workers’ compensation process, including:

  • Determining your eligibility and applying for workers’ comp benefits
  • Communicating with your employer
  • Appealing denied workers’ compensation claims
  • Reopening old claims due to reinjury or any other reason
  • Determining if you can pursue a third-party claim for additional damages
  • Pursuing full benefits for lost wages, medical expenses and disability
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Injuries Can Happen In Any Workplace

Some jobs carry obvious risks, such as working in construction or in one of the region’s automotive factories, distribution centers or distilleries. Other jobs, like working in an office, have risks that are not so obvious. Over the years, we have helped people who have suffered a wide variety of workplace injuries in various work environments. Our experienced work injury attorneys have handled workers’ compensation cases involving:

Paying For A Workers’ Comp Attorney

The thought of paying for a lawyer when you are hurt and cannot work can be difficult to deal with. But, there is good news: In Kentucky, workers’ compensation attorneys are paid on a contingent-fee basis. Essentially, this means that you do not owe any attorney fees unless your attorney either wins for you at trial or reaches a settlement with the insurer. And, you do not need to pay the attorneys’ fees out of your own pocket. Instead, they take a certain percentage of the compensation recovered.

Contact Our Work Injury Lawyers For A Free Consultation

The workers’ compensation attorneys of Robinson Salyers, PLLC, are available for home and hospital visits and can schedule evening and weekend appointments to answer all your questions and concerns about the workers’ compensation process. Contact our law office at 502-220-4439 or send us an email to request a free initial consultation to discuss your workplace injury. Our law offices are located in central Kentucky, in Frankfort and Shelbyville, for your convenience.

The Types Of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You might be asking yourself, “what benefits am I entitled to if I’m injured on the job?” There are different types of benefits you may be entitled to receive under Kentucky’s workers’ compensation system. If you come to see our lawyers at Robinson Salyers, PLLC, in either Shelbyville or Frankfort, our attorneys can explain them to you. Depending on the nature of your work-related injury, you may be able to receive:

Medical Benefits

You are entitled to lifetime medical treatment reasonably necessary to treat your work injury as part of your workers’ compensation benefits. The insurance company may hire a doctor you have never met or seen to deny treatment recommended by your doctor. Or it may try to deny diagnostic imaging, such as an MRI or CT scan, before knowing your diagnosis. The insurance company could also attempt to return you to work too quickly, setting you up for failure. You have a right to fight these actions.

Lost Wages

You are entitled to a tax-free portion of your wages while your doctor has you off work for your injury. These benefits can be miscalculated and underpaid by the insurance company. Further, you could be returned to work too quickly while being unable to go back to full duty. You have a right to challenge these actions.

Permanent Disability

You may have a permanent disability after being released from treatment. If so, you have a right to compensation and other future benefits, such as medical treatment. However, there are many issues that can prevent full and fair benefits to you. The insurance company’s doctor could unfairly determine you have little to no impairment or that you can return to work when you are unable to do so. Further, the insurance company could send you settlement paperwork that does not fully compensate you or leaves you with no future medical or other benefits. You should never sign settlement paperwork without consulting an attorney. You cannot count on the insurance company to explain your rights to you.

Lump Sum Settlement

In Kentucky, the insurance company may elect to pay your disability benefits on a weekly basis, typically over eight to 10 years. It may be possible to negotiate a lump sum settlement. However, this may not always be in your best interests, particularly if you want to keep some of your future benefits, such as the right to medical treatment.

Other Benefits

Most people do not know there are other benefits available to them if they have been injured at work. These include vocational retraining, a right to reopen your case if your injury worsens and future medical benefits. Do not assume the insurance company will tell you about these benefits. In fact, some insurance companies will simply stop contacting you after you have been released from treatment even though you have remaining benefits. If you wait too long to make a claim, you can lose your right to do so.

Free Workers’ Compensation Claim Consultation

To learn more about your rights to claim certain benefits, contact Robinson Salyers, PLLC, today to schedule a free consultation. Call us at 502-220-4439. We have two offices in central Kentucky. Hospital and home visits are also available.

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