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Getting Debt Under Control With Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy involves reorganization of debt. Instead of eliminating debt, these plans allow people to catch up by giving them time to get their heads above water and begin the process of repayment.

After the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005, more people were forced to reorganize their debts under Chapter 13 because they could not qualify under the Chapter 7 means test. Our Chapter 13 attorneys at Robinson Salyers, PLLC, in Frankfort and Shelbyville, Kentucky, help clients evaluate their situations and find the best options. They work hard to get people into Chapter 7, but when that is not possible, they will walk you through the process of Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Is A Good Option

Despite the common negative impression about Chapter 13, it is a good option and has fewer negative aspects than people think. Chapter 13 plans are very reasonable. With these plans, clients only pay what they can afford. A payment schedule is developed, based on every detail of your income and budget.

Nine times out of 10, clients are surprised that the payment amount is well within their means, no matter how much they owe.

If, during the repayment term, a circumstance such as unemployment prevents you from making payments, our lawyers can help you request a temporary hold from the court.

Relief Can Be Immediate

As soon as we file your Chapter 13 case, an automatic stay goes into effect. This freezes everything and, most importantly, stops all creditor actions, including calls, letters, collections, repossessions, garnishment and foreclosure.

Chapter 13 plans will combine your total debt and restructure it into a repayment plan. Then, you make monthly payments for a period of time, after which any remaining debt is discharged.

We can help you deal with IRS debt effectively through a Chapter 13 plan. In some cases, the entire monthly payments can be applied to tax debt. Even then, when the allotted period expires, all remaining debt is eliminated even if it has not been fully paid off.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Can Help You:

  • Pay off IRS tax debt
  • Stop creditor harassment and all collection actions
  • Protect your home from foreclosure
  • Save money in interest and penalties
  • Create payment plans to repay all debt, including credit card debt, student loans and medical debt
  • Restructure auto loans
  • Free up money in your household budget
  • Obtain debt consolidation plans

We will answer your questions regarding when you can stop making payments on your debt and when you will get relief. Our lawyers and staff work hard to get bankruptcy cases filed quickly, because we are efficient, responsive and committed to helping our clients resolve their debt problems promptly.

Call For A Complimentary Telephone Consultation With One Of Our Attorneys

Call before you make next month’s credit card payment — Chapter 13 could be the answer you need. To schedule a free initial telephone consultation, call one of our Kentucky offices: Shelbyville at 502-220-4439 or Frankfort at 502-257-5417. You can also contact us online.

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