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Putting Credit Card Debt Behind You For Good

Credit card debt can feel like a giant hole — it just gets deeper and deeper. So many people are stuck in situations where they live paycheck to paycheck, trying to stretch their dollars as far as possible. They try to meet their financial obligations, but it does not always add up. Making the minimum payments on credit cards (cc) seems to have little effect on the balance.

When things are not working anymore, and you are living off your credit cards just to pay your rent or mortgage, make car payments and feed your family, enough is enough. It could be time to let a skilled lawyer evaluate your situation.

A Fresh Start From Your Credit Card Debt

Robinson Salyers, PLLC, is a successful law firm in Frankfort and Shelbyville, Kentucky, that can help you with your credit card debt. Our attorneys will help you choose a debt relief solution that works best for you. They will help you make a fresh start.

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Possible debt relief solutions to deal with overwhelming credit card debt include:

  • Negotiating with credit card companies — This can help lower your interest rates, monthly payments or payment plans.
  • Filing for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy — Unsecured credit card debts will be discharged (eliminated).
  • Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy — Your credit card debt will be lumped into a monthly payment plan for a period of years. After that, the remainder is discharged.

Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you explore all of your options after listening to your needs and plans. They will make sure you understand every step of the bankruptcy process if you choose that route. If necessary, they will use their litigation experience to tackle any issues that arise throughout the process.

Complimentary Consultation Is Available

For help reducing cc debt, you can put your trust in our attorneys at Robinson Salyers, PLLC. To schedule a free initial telephone consultation, call one of our Kentucky offices: Shelbyville at 502-220-4439 or Frankfort at 502-257-5417. You can also contact us online.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.