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Helping The Victims Of Commercial Vehicle Accidents

When driving down Interstate 64 through central Kentucky, you do not have to go far to run into delivery trucks for UPS and FedEx. These drivers are under a great deal of pressure to meet their deadlines. It’s no shock that the drivers — with their employers’ blessing — resort to dangerous driving. This behavior can often lead to serious accidents.

Here at Robinson Salyers, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys devote themselves to recovering the compensation the innocent victims of these dangerous practices need. We are based in Shelbyville and Frankfort, providing a hometown option for residents throughout the area.

We Will Stand Up To Powerful Delivery Companies On Your Behalf

Unlike tractor-trailers, which require a commercial driver’s license, FedEx and UPS delivery trucks do not require special licensing. This could lead to these and other similar delivery companies hiring drivers who:

  • Drive tired
  • Speed
  • Text while driving
  • Drive drunk

Accidents could also occur due to improper maintenance of trucks, which can lead to rollover accidents and brake failures.

Attorneys Who Know How The Defense Works

Just like in any other motor vehicle accident, it is important to secure legal representation quickly to protect your rights and options. However, when it comes to standing up to a large corporation and their lawyers, you need the right representation.

Attorneys John C. Robinson, who spent the early part of his career representing the defense in cases like these, and Benjamin M. Salyers collectively have more than 35 years of experience handling tractor-trailer and commercial vehicle accidents. They now work together to use their knowledge and experience to help people like you recover compensation. This is the advantage you need — not flashy television commercials.

Call Robinson Salyers, PLLC, Today For Help

In cases like these, do not compromise on your legal representation, and do not fall for empty promises. Instead, work with hometown lawyers with a proven track record of success in these and other complex accident cases. To learn more, schedule your free consultation online or call us at 502-220-4439.

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