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Accident risk increases after daylight savings time starts

Each year, the start of daylight savings poses problems for people in Kentucky. When daylight savings begins, people lose an hour of sleep and may feel drowsy and fatigued as they get ready for work or school. Unfortunately, until people become accustomed to the time change, the risk of motor vehicle accidents also increases.

Teens less likely to drive distracted when school starts later

Studies have suggested that high schools may start too early in the day for teens' health and safety, namely safety on the road. Kentucky residents with teen drivers should know about one study, published by the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine, that focused on teen car crash rates in Fairfax County, Virginia, both in the year prior to a change to school start times and in the year after.

How to find out who was at fault in a multi-car crash

It can be difficult to prove who was at fault in a crash involving three or more vehicles in Kentucky, but the following outline may help clear things up. First of all, most multi-vehicle crashes are simply a series of rear-end collisions, and rear-end collisions normally arise because one of the drivers was speeding or tailgating.

Improving roadway safety with red light cameras

Over 800 people are killed every year in Kentucky and across the country in car accidents caused by drivers who run through red lights, and thousands more people are seriously injured. Despite it being common knowledge that running red lights is illegal, negligent drivers continue to put others at risk on a daily basis. A large percentage of those severely injured or killed in these crashes are pedestrians, bicyclists or occupants of other vehicles. Red light cameras are one method adopted by municipalities across the country in an effort to crack down on violations while also obtaining traffic ticket revenue.

Some safety systems could actually increase crash risks

While many people in Kentucky have been interested in automated driving systems because they could help to prevent deadly crashes, some experts are warning that these technologies create dangers of their own. A study conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that drivers operating vehicles with certain types of advanced safety systems, such as adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance, are more likely to be complacent about roadway safety. They put trust in the technologies to handle the driving for them, which can actually increase the risk of a serious car accident.

Legislation aims to mandate universal ignition interlocks

Around 30 people every day are killed in New York and across the country in car crashes caused by drunk driving. Despite large-scale police enforcement, drunk driving continues to threaten lives nationwide. Some members of Congress are looking for a technological solution to crack down on the problem, drawing inspiration from a common penalty imposed on drivers convicted of DUI. In many states, drivers who regain their license after a conviction for impaired driving must pay a state fee to have an ignition interlock device installed. This device prevents the driver from starting the car until they blow into it; like a small Breathalyzer, the interlock determines that drivers do not have alcohol on their breath.

Opioids may play significant role in some fatal two-car crashes

Opioid use is widespread in Kentucky, as elsewhere, and the unfortunate thing is that many people choose to drive under the influence of these drugs. Opioids cause drowsiness and dizziness, especially in those who have not developed a tolerance to them, such as individuals who take them for acute injuries like burns and fractures. They are at the highest risk for a crash.

Driving tips for a safe winter

Winter is coming, and Kentucky drivers will soon have to contend with slippery roads on a regular basis. Federal statistics show that snow and ice are contributing factors in over 1,300 deaths and nearly 117,000 injuries on U.S roads each year. However, according to traffic safety experts, there are several winter driving tips people can follow to reduce their risk of accidents during inclement weather.

Raising awareness of distractions for Teen Driver Safety Week

Parents in Kentucky may want to explain the dangers of distracted driving to their teens. After all, October 20 to 26 is Teen Driver Safety Week. Researchers from Michigan State University have released the results of a new study as a way to tie in with this event. The study had to do with teens and distracted driving.

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