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3 common auto insurance myths

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2022 | Car Accidents/MVA |

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If you have ever been in a traffic accident, you probably know how messy these situations can be. Confusion surrounding auto insurance only makes matters worse, especially if you have false expectations.

Here are three common auto insurance myths that you should look out for.

Myth #1: Minimum liability insurance is always enough

In Kentucky, you must have liability insurance that can cover at least $60,000 in damages in the event of an accident. However, the bare minimum might not always suffice. Damages can easily exceed $300,000 in a bad collision, so you should make sure you have enough coverage to avoid having to pay a fortune out of pocket.

Myth #2: Personal auto insurance covers all accidents

If you run a business and your work involves driving a vehicle, personal auto insurance may not help you after an accident. You will likely need commercial auto insurance to cover any damages. This is especially the case if you use your vehicle to provide a service or if your business legally owns the vehicle.

Myth #3: Auto insurance always follows the driver

If someone else crashes your vehicle and he or she is at fault, your liability insurance will still have to cover some of the costs in Kentucky. The driver’s insurance will only cover damages that go beyond your limit. This is why you should think twice before handing your keys over to someone else.

Auto insurance is too essential to misconstrue. With a clear understanding of a policy’s terms and the laws surrounding them, you may have an easier time handling problems in the future.


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