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The facts about car accidents in Kentucky in 2020

On Behalf of | Nov 17, 2021 | Car Accidents/MVA |

The governor of Kentucky has issued a report about all the car accidents that happened in the commonwealth in 2020. The report has a lot of information about auto accidents: where they happened, why they happened, and how many people were killed or seriously hurt.

Cities vs. rural area

For example, the report compares collisions that happened in Kentucky’s metro areas versus more rural areas like Shelbyville. Though 60 percent of the crashes last year happened in urban areas, half the fatal wrecks and 51 percent of the deaths occurred in rural regions. The percentage of nonfatal injuries in urban areas (61 percent) is more in line with the proportion of crashes in each type of area.

Collisions on I-64

Interstate 64, which runs east-west through northern Kentucky, had the third-most accidents of any interstate that passes through the commonwealth. The total number on I-64 for 2020 was 1,852, including 18 fatal crashes that caused 20 deaths. I-64 had the second-most number of people injured, behind only I-75. That interstate had the most accidents (3,537) and nonfatal injuries (723) last year.

The most common contributing factors to these accidents were the same ones as usual: drunk or drugged driving, distracted driving, speeding and a driver losing control of their vehicle. Virtually all of these reasons are preventable: nobody has to drive drunk, get distracted by their phone or exceed the speed limit. When somebody chooses to do one of these things, they put all of us at risk of serious injury.

A car accident is more than a statistic, especially when someone was seriously hurt. When that happens, the person who caused the injuries can be held responsible for things like the victim’s medical bills and lost wages.


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