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You can improve your credit score after bankruptcy

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2017 | Bankruptcy |

Dealing with any kind of debt can feel overwhelming. You may feel like many other Kentucky residents who believe that accruing debt is best left avoided. Unfortunately, not everyone can avoid accumulating outstanding balances due to a number of circumstances, and you may have found yourself facing substantial debt in various forms. Now that you need a serious approach to taking care of your liabilities, you may wonder whether bankruptcy could suit your needs.

One potential aspect that may have you questioning whether this debt relief method could help relates to the impact it could have on your credit score. You may think that lowering your score is not worth going through the bankruptcy process, but it may benefit you to know that you can help yourself improve your score once you complete the process.

Credit cards

Though you may not immediately qualify for unsecured credit cards after finishing bankruptcy, you could qualify for secured cards. These cards could help you build credit without the risk and interest rates of unsecured cards. Once you do begin qualifying for unsecured lines of credit, you can help improve your credit score by staying on top of your balances. The best case scenarios would see you keeping those balances low and paying them off completely each month.

You may also want to pay attention to how much credit you use. Though you may pay off your balances each month, if you use the majority of your allowed credit, it could still impact your credit score negatively. Additionally, if you have multiple credit cards with low balances on each one, you may wish to consider paying off those cards and focus on using only one to two cards rather than several.


In addition to credit card bills, you likely have numerous other bills you need to address. You could help yourself improve your credit by remaining on top of those balances. Organize your bill due dates and make sure to pay on time or even ahead of time. This is one of the easiest and best ways to build a solid credit score.


Though bankruptcy can seem like a scary process, it can have many benefits. It also does not have to seem as intimidating or damaging as many people would like you to believe. Therefore, you could find out more information on which bankruptcy process could suit your circumstances and how to go about effectively addressing your outstanding debt.


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