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Eye safety in the workplace

On Behalf of | Mar 6, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Kentucky workers who are in occupations in which there might be abrasive or corrosive materials or flying objects may be in danger of an eye injury. However, there are a number of steps they and their employers can take in the workplace to help protect their eyes. Prevent Blindness is an organization that focuses on eye safety, and it has several suggestions. It considers protective equipment to be not a first line of defense but the last. Workers should first ensure that the area is free of hazards. They should also use work screens, machine guarding and other devices for protection.

There should be vision tests for workers, and the workplace eye protection program should apply to workers in all departments rather than trying to develop different safety procedures for workers in different areas. Personal protective equipment may include safety glasses, face shields and goggles. Eye protection should be fitted by a professional.

Eyewash stations should be accessible, and there should be first aid procedures in place. Management should model good safety practices by wearing protective equipment as well and should provide regular training to employees. These training and workplace policies should be updated regularly. Finally, a copy of the workplace’s policies should be in an area available to all employees.

People who suffer an eye injury in the workplace might be temporarily or permanently disabled. Workers’ compensation might be critical in helping the family survive financially and pay medical expenses. However, some workers may not know they have a right to benefits or may be told by their employer that they will face consequences for applying. Workers who want to know what their rights are or who have been intimidated by an employer might want to consult an attorney.


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