What Makes A Thoughtful Will?

A will is much more than a list of assets and the names of your beneficiaries. A will should express the unique intentions of the individual for whom it is drafted. If done correctly with help from a knowledgeable estate law attorney, it will be valid in Kentucky probate court and put no undue stress upon family members and other beneficiaries. At Berkley Oliver PLLC, we believe that a properly drafted and executed will can even provide closure and solace to those who are grieving.

We have extensive experience working with estate planning. We will sit down, listen to your concerns and goals, and offer sensitive and knowledgeable guidance. Our experience with elder law matters will also often prompt discussion of issues you had not yet considered, even including assets that are not passed through a will. We will then formulate a strategy that best achieves your goals.

Estate Planning Is Actually A Series Of Important Decisions

There are many important decisions that go into drafting a will and creating an estate plan. These include:

  • The right executor: Choosing the right executor means that whether a spouse, a family member or a friend, that person is comfortable making decisions, managing paperwork and fulfilling the work involved in probate.
  • Picking a guardian and trustee: A will should determine who cares for young children if the parents are unable to do so. It is often best to divide financial responsibilities (trustee) and the daily care of the children (guardian).
  • Health care surrogate designations: Similar to power of attorney, this advocate ensures that your health care wishes are honored when you are unable to make those decisions yourself.
  • Hiring an estate law attorney: A lawyer with experience in this area can help families make smart and informed decisions that address both financial matters and legal issues during probate, particularly when there are questions or disagreements among beneficiaries.
  • Proper will execution: When signing or "executing" a will, it is important to follow the correct steps so that it will be valid under Kentucky law.

Your Final Gift To Loved Ones

It is easy to put these decisions off. However, it can be a gift to those in mourning if you draft a valid will. Call us today at 502-220-4439 to discuss what makes a thoughtful will. You can also reach us online by completing the form on our Contact page.