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Out of sight, out of mind: Can you hide your car from creditors?

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2018 | Bankruptcy |

You, like many other Kentucky residents, likely rely on your vehicle for many needs. Whether you are trying to get to work or run errands, your car can make it much easier to reach your destination as needed. You may wonder what you would do without your car, and you may begin to worry that losing it could be a real possibility if you fall behind on your loan payments.

If you default on your car loan, your creditor could begin repossession actions. If you feel concerned about having your vehicle repossessed, you may wonder what you could do to avoid the repo man. What you may want to remember, however, is that some actions may not work as well as you might think.

Hiding your vehicle

In a moment of desperation, you may think that if creditors cannot find your vehicle, then it cannot be repossessed. Perhaps you consider leaving the car at a neighbor or family member’s house or leaving it locked up in your garage. The notion of “out of sight, out of mind” may cross your mind and lead to you to believe that you could keep your car as long as no one sees it.

This tactic has a myriad of issues. First, purposefully hiding your vehicle in order to avoid repossession is an illegal act. Additionally, if you hope to avoid repossession in order to avoid the difficulties going without your vehicle could present, hiding your car does not help in this endeavor. You would have to stop using your vehicle in order to hide it as repossession enforcers work diligently to complete their tasks.

Places of repossession

Furthermore, when it comes to completing a repossession, creditors can generally carry out this action wherever necessary. This means that even if you park your vehicle behind your house, in a less-visible area, in a neighbor’s driveway or other location in attempts to make it more difficult to find, a repossession agent could still come onto your property or your neighbor’s property in order to obtain the vehicle.

Public locations are also fair game, so if you park your vehicle to enter a store or other location, repossession could occur as soon as you exit the car.

Stopping repossession

Rather than going to extreme measures like trying to hide your car, you may wish to consider more feasible and legal alternatives. Filing for bankruptcy could potentially halt repossession efforts as well as help you find a way to keep your vehicle or at least avoid additional costs while surrendering the property.


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