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The dangers of distracted driving in Kentucky

On Behalf of | Dec 16, 2021 | Car Accidents/MVA |

distracted driving by eating a donut and drinking coffee

Every driver on the road has a responsibility to themselves, their passengers and every other driver to drive as safely and attentively as possible.

Kentucky ranks as one of the top five states for distracted driving. Most accidents caused by distracted driving mistakes are preventable.

Distracted driving explained

Distracted driving is when you complete any task or activity while driving that takes your focus from the road. Visual distractions that make you take your eyes off the road, manual distractions that cause you to use your hands to do anything other than operating your vehicle and cognitive distractions that cause your mind to focus on another task are all distracted driving. There are many common driving distractions that fall under all three of these descriptions.

Common types of distracted driving

Using a cell phone to text or talk while driving is a distraction. Eating food while driving is a distraction. Manipulating radio stations and conversing with passengers are distractions. Anything that requires you to multi-task and divert any attention away from the road is dangerous and can lead to accidents and injuries.

Distracted driving laws

In an effort to reduce preventable crashes, Kentucky is one of several states that have laws against texting while driving as well as banning cell phone usage altogether for young drivers.

Children and pets in the vehicle with you can also lead to distracted driving mistakes. Young children should be in car seats appropriate for their age, and older children should understand the importance of staying belted in their seats and not disturbing the driver. Pets should not roam freely through any vehicle where they can reach the driver.