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Driving defensively can avoid accidents

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2021 | Car Accidents/MVA |

The concept of driving defensively has long been established as a method of avoiding auto accidents in Kentucky. It encompasses going beyond the rules of the road and making a few adjustments while driving to make yourself an even safer driver. There is no substitute for safety on the roadways, and being “defensive” is important when negotiating traffic among others who may not be so attentive when behind the wheel. And even though vehicles are built much safer today with respect to equipment such as automatic braking systems, the same basic principles apply while in transit.

Maintaining increased trailing distance

One of the first rules of defensive driving is keeping a longer following distance from vehicles ahead on the highway. This is not necessarily uniform either, as different distances apply based on the speed zone. Those moving slower can safely follow closer while others in 55-70 mph zones should increase distance between vehicles. Rear-end collisions are common motor vehicle accidents, and increased trailing distance alone can help greatly in avoiding these mishaps.

Reducing speeds

Reducing speeds can be difficult when trying to stay within the flow of traffic in some areas. It is important to observe all speed limit signs in any particular area, and especially when driving through curves or in areas of limited visibility. Many auto accidents in Kentucky happen on the many curves in the highway system, and excessive speed is often a major factor as well.

Another problem and primary cause of many accidents in Kentucky is distracted driving. This can range from anything like watching the scenery while driving through any scenic region to talking to passengers in the vehicle to talking to an individual on a cell phone. Cellphone usage is particularly troublesome, especially texting while driving, and limiting the practice while behind the wheel can be a very positive defensive driving decision.