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Differences between health insurance and workers’ comp insurance

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

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There is no such thing as too much insurance, but there are certain situations where one policy applies that another may not. This is exactly the case with personal health insurance and workers’ compensation protection in Kentucky. All employers who provide health insurance for their workers are also still required by law to maintain workers’ compensation insurance as well. Additionally, they are not necessarily interchangeable, as Kentucky employers are required to carry workers’ comp through KEMI. This rule alone sets the need for specific insurance protection for employers.

Health insurance

Personal health insurance is intended for coverage when the policy holder or group participant needs health care in general for medical issues that may not be the fault of another party. It cannot be used by employers as a replacement for required employee workers’ compensation insurance, and the scope of coverage is different as well.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Kentucky companies are required to have workers’ compensation insurance even if they have a single employee. The protection only applies when an employee is injured on the job in some capacity and performing job-related tasks for the most part. Those who are injured at work may open a workers’ comp claim separately or their employer may begin the process for them in obvious covered injury situations. Employee benefits not only include payment of medical bills, but also include replacement wages while the injury is being rehabilitated.

The best scenario for both types of insurance protection is when the employer provides them as employee benefits. Even if a workplace injury worsens while off duty and has happened at work, personal medical insurance can be used to start the treatment process as soon as possible. Final responsibility can be determined later between the two insurance providers regarding payment of medical treatment bills.


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