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Are rear-end crashes common in Kentucky?

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2021 | Car Accidents/MVA |

Waiting for a red light to turn green seems like the least likely time to suffer a collision. However, rear-end accidents happen at red lights and might occur without much warning. In Kentucky and throughout the country, rear-end accidents may happen for many reasons, and several incidents could involve driver negligence. Sometimes, negligent driving leads to someone suffering a terrible injury.

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The dangerous risks of rear-end collisions

Some might believe that rear-end collisions might lead to “minor” whiplash alone, but that is not always the case. The collision may result in a traumatic brain injury or spinal damage. The laws of physics might not be kind to a stationary vehicle hit by a moving one, and the force could lead to drivers and passengers hitting the window or dashboard.

A rear-end collision at an intersection may send the impacted vehicle into traffic, where it may suffer a T-bone collision. And then there are instances where the rear-end crash may occur on a highway. One driver could tailgate another, increasing the chances of a rear-end crash. The rear impact may force the other vehicle onto oncoming traffic, leading to a deadly head-on collision.

Rear-end crashes and negligence

A car accident is often the result of negligence. Drivers can’t always predict when another driver could cause a crash, so they may rely on safety features. Seat belts and airbags might help, but they have their limitations. The same might be true with defensive driving. While one driver could operate a vehicle with an emphasis on safety, other drivers may be reckless.

Drivers choosing to speed or follow too close may cause an otherwise avoidable accident. Distracted and intoxicated driving might lead to the same unfortunate outcome. Such negligence may result in a civil lawsuit, one that seeks significant compensation.


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