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Raising awareness of the dangers of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2021 | Car Accidents/MVA |

Distracted driving has long been a serious problem on U.S. highways to the point that many state legislatures have now enhanced cellphone laws. The General Assembly of Kentucky is among these legislative bodies that have at least outlawed texting while driving if not outright banning all hand-held cellphone use for drivers in vehicles while they are in transit. Distracted driving has actually become a major factor in many motor vehicle accidents, and especially head-on collisions. Here are a few issues that Kentucky motorists and others driving through the state should always consider.

Eating and drinking while driving

Eating while driving can be a bad decision in congested traffic. Many people do it on the way to work or at lunch when they are on break away from the facility, but it can assuredly be problematic while a vehicle is in motion. Chips that are easily held one at a time may be acceptable, but refraining from eating sandwiches is a good practice. As for drinking, personal injury attorneys emphasize that it is never good to drink alcohol while driving, but not drinking anything else while driving is a good practice as well.

Noise in the vehicle

Excessive noise in a vehicle can also be a major distraction. This can occur when passengers are talking, when someone is watching a video or listening to music, or when other vehicles like big trucks are passing. It is important to be able to hear all sounds around the vehicle in avoiding accidents that could lead to a serious personal injury.

These are just a few tips on avoiding distractions while behind the wheel of a vehicle and in transit around other motorists. Always remember to pay full attention when driving with both hands on the steering wheel for better control.