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Does working at home come with workers’ compensation benefits?

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working at home now figures into many careers that once exclusively took place inside a traditional office setting. Expanded telecommuting options changed that tradition, and many now work at home as full-time employees. Those working “on the official clock” at home may not think about workers’ compensation claims until an injury occurs. When hurt on the job while working at home in Kentucky, filing a claim could come with challenges based on the injury’s circumstances.

Getting hurt when working at home

A data entry specialist may see a job moved from an office to an apartment. While performing data entry tasks, the worker could suffer a slip-and-fall injury at a home-based workstation. Kentucky is a no-fault workers compensation state. The worker could file a claim since the accident occurred during the official time while performing official duties.

If the worker suffers an injury before or after the official work schedule, filing a claim might be dubious. The person wasn’t working at the time.

Even if someone’s in the middle of your workday, it might not be simple. Falling while dictating work onto a smartphone recording app while grooming a pet cat might lead to a dubious claim. The worker deliberately stepped away from a workstation to care for a cat, a personal activity performed on company time.

Dealing with claim hurdles

Although Kentucky is a no-fault state, the claim might run into challenges. An employer could refuse to accept the legitimacy of a claim for an at-home worker. Or, the office processing the claim may deny it, possibly moving steps to the appeals process.

Denials and other hurdles do not necessarily mean the worker won’t receive compensation. Submitting sufficient evidence supporting the claim might lead to approval on appeal.

Working with an attorney to file a workers’ compensation claim may seem preferable to concerned employees. An attorney could help with filing appeals, if necessary.