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What are the most common manufacturing injury causes?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

The importance of the manufacturing industry is undeniable, but manufacturing reflects a career path that comes with potential hazards. Carrying cargo and operating equipment on Kentucky job sites will present dangers that someone sitting at a desk might not experience. Here are five common injury risks that workers face.

The broad range of injury risks

  • Falls: Virtually everyone working in manufacturing might face a hazard capable of causing a slip, trip or fall. Tumbling or stumbling to the ground may result in a severe injury, and the crowded nature of a manufacturing site puts even the most alert worker at risk of taking a fall.
  • Injuries from objects: Contact with an object may also lead to an injury. The term “object” is broad; it can include anything from an electrical wire to a hot pipe, a saw, another electrical tool or anything else capable of causing damage.
  • Negligence: Sometimes, negligence ties into injuries related to objects. A malfunctioning tool, for example, may hurt someone. Worker horseplay is also negligent behavior.
  • Contact with hazards: Chemicals or flames also cause harm. Coming in contact with some substances may lead to severe injuries.
  • Sprains and strains: The tasks performed by a worker could lead to sprains or other injuries. Attempting to pick something up that’s a little too heavy might result in an injury that takes many months to heal. Lifting and carrying remain a large part of many workers’ jobs, so this risk looms large.

Kentucky is a no-fault worker’s comp state, but issues may arise when attempting to file a claim. Workers concerned about the process may want to work with an attorney to ensure that their application goes as smoothly as possible.


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