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Avoiding musculoskeletal injuries on the job

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Some American workers lift on the job every day. These include professions like warehouse workers, nurses and even people in retail. Sadly, many of these people are injured doing the lifting portion of their jobs every year. Workers in Kentucky should know that musculoskeletal injuries account for over 20% of disability benefits in most years.

Prevention is key

The best way to deal with injuries on the job is to prevent them. Lifting can be addressed by employers in many ways. One way is to provide employees with proper equipment to reduce the demand on their bodies. Dollies and power jacks are examples of equipment-based solutions.

The way stores and companies organize themselves can also help to keep workplace injury numbers lower. Some companies have managers lead their workers in a short stretching session at the beginning of each shift. Others have learned to store heavier objects at waist height rather than on the ground. This means that workers aren’t being asked to lift as much.

However, many places of work still haven’t adopted such measures or are clinging to outdated ones. For example, back belts were once thought to prevent lifting accidents. Today, thats been disproven; they’re ineffective as a preventative measure.

Pursuing compensation for damages

People who are injured on the job should always seek advice from an experienced attorney. An attorney may help workers understand whether they have a valid claim and pursue the correct form of damages they might be eligible for. Remember, insurance company lawyers have an incentive to keep costs low. A lawyer you retain yourself advocates only for you.


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