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How to find out who was at fault in a multi-car crash

It can be difficult to prove who was at fault in a crash involving three or more vehicles in Kentucky, but the following outline may help clear things up. First of all, most multi-vehicle crashes are simply a series of rear-end collisions, and rear-end collisions normally arise because one of the drivers was speeding or tailgating.

Let's say that Driver B is following too closely to Driver A. Driver A needs to come to a sudden stop, and Driver B cannot brake in time to avoid a crash. Behind Driver B is Driver C, who was also tailgating and collides into Driver B. In this case, Driver A can hold Driver B responsible, and Driver B can do the same to Driver C despite being responsible for Driver A's damages.

In fact, Driver A may hold both Drivers B and C accountable if Driver C added to the force of Driver B's collision. However, if Driver B was not negligent but was forced into Driver A by Driver C, only Driver C can be held liable.

Proving negligence will require evidence. This could include the police reports and crash-site evidence, such as debris and skid marks. Testimony from eyewitnesses, including the victims themselves, can also be beneficial.

Someone who intends to file a claim against a negligent driver may want to see an accident attorney. In Kentucky, the victims of motor vehicle accidents may still recover damages if they are partially to blame. However, whatever amount they recover will be proportioned to the degree of fault. To help ensure a big settlement, the attorney may negotiate with the other side's auto insurance company. If a settlement cannot be obtained, the victim may take the case to court.

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