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OSHA announces fifth annual Stand-Down

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

Falls are the leading cause of death among construction workers across Kentucky and the rest of the United States. This fact has led a multitude of national safety groups and government agencies to sponsor the National Safety Stand-Down each year. For 2018, the Stand-Down is scheduled for May 7 to 11.

The Stand-Down, sponsored by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the Center for Construction Research and Training and several other related groups, is urging construction workers to stop work during the event to discuss the hazards of falls and potential ways to prevent them. These events are held at individual construction sites and can include talks, demonstrations or videos.

According to OSHA, millions of workers have participated in the event since its inception. Annual stand-downs have taken place in every state and throughout several countries throughout the world. The event isn’t limited to large companies with large budgets as nearly half of the participating organizations in 2017 had fewer than 25 employees.

While these groups and the construction companies they oversee are working to eliminate fall-related workplace injuries, the fact is that accidents still happen. An individual who has been injured at work from a fall may have grounds for a workers compensation claim. Through that claim, an individual may be able to recover damages for their medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. An attorney with experience in workers compensation claims may help a client navigate the claims process and eventually negotiate a settlement for those damages. If a settlement falls through, an attorney might assist by filing a lawsuit and proceeding in the appropriate court.