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The most common causes of highway fatalities

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2018 | Car Accidents/MVA |

Fatalities occur too frequently on the highways of Kentucky and across the U.S. While traffic collisions can involve many factors, driver negligence is arguably the number one cause.

For example, drivers may become distracted by signs or dazed by the glare of the sun. Any number of activities, from adjusting the AC to changing the radio station, will take away a driver’s attention from the road and increase the risk for a crash. Smartphones in particular have been implicated in the country’s recent rise in traffic deaths. Unfortunately, many drivers feel compelled to text and surf the Internet if their device is within reach.

Other factors in highway fatalities include anger, drowsiness and drunkenness. Road rage will cloud a driver’s mind and even lead to reckless actions. Drowsiness can slow a driver’s judgment and reaction times. While most people understand that drunk driving is very dangerous, it’s important to remember that even buzzed driving can impair a motorist’s ability.

Blind intersections, narrow shoulders, tight corners and other design-related hazards can also contribute to fatalities. Some geographical areas come with natural hazards that cannot be bypassed. Inclement weather will also reduce visibility and make vehicles less responsive to driver input. Lastly, not using seat belts and other safety features can increase the chances of a fatality.

When a driver’s negligence is the cause of a car accident, the victim may want to consult with a lawyer about filing a claim. A lawyer could hire investigators to find proof of negligence and then negotiate for a settlement. Injury settlements can cover medical bills, vehicle damage and other losses.