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Drunk drivers often exhibit signs of their impairment

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2017 | Car Accidents/MVA |

Driving on busy Kentucky highways can make your heart feel as though it has skipped a beat when nearby motorists exhibit behaviors that make you feel at risk for collision. Sometimes, if you spot potential problem drivers in your vicinity, you may be able to safely distance yourself or take the nearest exit and alternate route. If you can, it may help save other lives as well if you’re able to report a particular sign of trouble to the appropriate local authorities.

There are many types of dangerous drivers, including those who fall asleep at the wheel, are distracted while driving or acting irresponsibly by consuming alcohol before getting behind their wheels. The latter, in fact, is the root cause of many motor vehicle fatalities in Kentucky and throughout the nation. If you survive a crash caused by a drunk driver, you may wish to pursue justice by filing an injury claim in court.

Signs that a drunk driver may be in your midst

Following a motor vehicle accident, obtaining justice often hinges on how well you remember the details of the events leading up to the crash and how much evidence you’re able to gather to prove that another driver was responsible for your injuries. The following list contains red alerts that you may be sharing the road with an intoxicated motorist:

  • If you notice a car in the passing lane that is moving as slow as molasses, it’s a clear sign that the driver may be impaired.
  • Any vehicle traveling at a speed that is not consistent with the current traffic flow is cause for concern. Whether a driver is speeding or driving way under a posted speed limit, either situation should prompt you to pay close attention to his or her next move.
  • Veering or drifting within a lane or over a boundary line are definite signs that a driver is either distracted or impaired in some way.
  • If you witness a car bump into a curb, a parked vehicle or other object, you’ll want to get as far away as you can as soon as possible!

No matter how alert and cautious you are while driving, there’s often little to nothing you can do to avoid collision if another motorist makes a sudden maneuver that places you at risk. If a collision occurs, your focus will likely shift to recovery. The type of medical care you receive and legal support you have on hand may be crucial factors to helping you achieve the best results possible.

If the person who struck you faces criminal charges, evidence of that fact may help substantiate a personal injury claim if you choose to take action in court.


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