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Safety tips provide advice for composting workers

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Kentucky workers in the composting industry have safety guidelines and tips available from the Solid Waste Association of North America. Composting is often used for municipal and state food waste and yard waste diversion programs that aim to keep organic discards out of landfills for the benefit of the environment.

The association regularly publishes a series of safety tips for various aspects of the solid waste management industry. As recycling and solid waste collection is one of the deadliest jobs, safety procedures are particularly important to prevent fatal worker injuries for employees involved in trash, garbage and recycling industries.

These jobs involve the use of heavy and powerful machinery to lift and crush trash and other discarded items, serious physical labor and a fast-paced, constantly-changing work environment. All of these factors can escalate the danger for catastrophic injuries on the job, especially if there is little knowledge of or commitment to safety precautions, rules and guidelines.

SWANA calls its campaign “Five to Stay Alive,” and the safety tips are promoted with flyers and posters to be made available at the job site. The materials can also be downloaded at the association’s website aimed at composting operators. These tips are aimed at employers, to be used in training help make sure a safe environment for compost workers. Experts have emphasized that worker safety should be just as strong a priority for waste companies working on composting as the technologies and procedures of the process itself.

Most people who have been injured on the job are eligible to file claims for workers’ compensation benefits under their employer’s insurance coverage. An experienced attorney can often help to ensure that the claim contains all required information and that it is filed on a timely basis.


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