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Fighting for your child after a birth injury

On Behalf of | May 6, 2017 | Injury/Wrongful Death |

The repercussions of an injury suffered during birth can be devastating for a Kentucky family. While you may feel hopeless and unsure of what you can do for your child, it can be a beneficial step to seek an understanding of the legal options available to you.

When things go wrong during birth, it can have a permanent impact on a baby’s cognitive function and physical abilities. Sadly, many birth injuries are the result of medical mistakes or the negligence of attending medical staff. If you believe that your baby’s birth injury was the result of any type of negligence or wrongdoing, you may have a valid reason to move forward with a legal claim.

How do birth injuries happen?

Birth injuries can cause serious damage for both the mother and the baby, even after a healthy pregnancy. Often, these incidents occur during the birth process as the result of unnecessary interventions and other measures employed by doctors and nurses. Some of the most common reasons for birth injuries include:

  • The child suffered loss of oxygen during birth.
  • A doctor used an improper medical technique.
  • A vacuum was improperly used to extract the baby.
  • Forceps used during birth caused head trauma and other damage.

While some birth injuries are the result of unavoidable complications, there are times that errors and medical interventions can cause irreparable, yet preventable, harm to a baby. Not all birth injuries are grounds for a valid civil claim, but you have the right to explore this option on behalf of your child and your family.

The long-term impact of an accident during birth

Just one mistake or a split-second decision made by a doctor or nurse can alter life for your child and change your family forever. From cerebral palsy to damage done to the limbs, these injuries can be costly, requiring long-term care and medical support.

These financial burdens can be overwhelming, yet it is possible that relief is available to you. You may have ground for a medical malpractice claim, which may be an appropriate way for you to recover your financial losses and obtain compensation for future needs.

Building a strong claim

In order to successfully obtain compensation for a birth injury suffered by your child, your claim must prove that the doctor or other medical provider failed to provide care that met acceptable standards. This may require gathering pertinent medical records, as well as consulting with other professionals in the medical field.

Building a strong claim can be a complex process, especially when you are dealing with the difficult aftermath of a birth injury. This is not a process you must undertake alone, but instead, you would be wise to secure guidance and support as you fight for rightful compensation for your child.


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