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April 2017 Archives

Accidents caused by eating while behind the wheel

Distracted driving laws in Kentucky and around the country generally aim to discourage motorists from using their cellphones while behind the wheel, but there are many other things that can prevent drivers from focusing on the road ahead. Fast-food restaurants featuring welcoming drive-thru windows are a ubiquitous sight in virtually every part of the United States, and they market themselves as inexpensive and convenient dining options for drivers in a hurry.

Should you seek compensation if hurt due to workplace violence?

No one ever assumes that they will be the victim of workplace violence, but these types of incidents are much more common than many people assume. Violence and violent incidents in the workplace can be unexpected and frightening, and in some cases can leave victims physically or emotionally traumatized.

Keeping mines safe and healthy for workers

Kentucky workers who are employed in the mining industry understand just how dangerous and life-threatening thgeir occupation can be. As such, every person involved in the industry, including the CEO's and top-level employees, should be highly involved in mine safety and health to prevent potentially fatal accidents and diseases.

Staying safe on a stepladder

Kentucky residents may use stepladders for everything from changing a lightbulb to stringing lights in the office for the holidays. However, it is important to use them properly to reduce the risk of injury. One easy way to stay safe is to check the rating on a ladder before using it. This helps to ensure that it can handle an individual's weight in addition to any tools needed to do a job.

How long will I wait for my workers' comp benefits?

While no workplace is 100 percent safe, some workers are at higher risks than others, and many face serious safety hazards every day. Knowing your rights when it comes to workplace injuries is especially important if you work in the construction, manufacturing, logging, agricultural or other hazardous industry. While Medicare's or Social Security Disability Insurance can take many months or years to kick in after you suffered debilitating injuries, some workers' compensation benefits will start immediately.

How people might pay for bankruptcy

Kentucky consumers who are considering filing for bankruptcy may struggle with the cost of the process. Bankruptcy can cost as much as $1,500 or more, and people might use their tax refunds to pay for it. As a result, both March and April tend to show spikes for Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings.

Payment plan retirement funding rejected

Kentucky consumerswho are considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be interested to learn that one couple's payment plan was rejected because too large a proportion of the plan was for the couple's retirement account. A Louisiana judge decided that the percentage in a payment plan that should go toward retirement is 3 percent although there might be exceptions to the amount in some cases.

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