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Are you at risk for workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Kentucky is a great place to live and work as many residents like yourself may agree. However, whether you live in Lexington, Louisville or another region, it’s also true that many jobs are dangerous, and some workplaces, which appear safe at first glance, may be prime environments for potential injuries to occur.

It’s not always possible to foresee imminent danger in the workplace; however, many studies have been conducted to determine whether there are certain causal factors that might place you and others at risk.

Does going to work place you in harm’s way?

Being a safety-conscious worker is one of the best means for avoiding possible accidents in the workplace. However, the very nature of an accident is that it often occurs unexpectedly. By familiarizing yourself with the following top causes of workplace injuries, you might be able to avert a problem situation:

  • Repetitive motion: Do your typical workplace duties include a repeated motion of some sort? (For instance, typing, working on an assembly line or using the same tool over and over again.) If so, you might be at risk for carpel tunnel syndrome or other repetitive stress injuries.
  • Machinery mishaps: Where would our nation be without machines? While advanced technology and progressive inventions have catapulted us to the top of the ladder in terms of business success, many jobs include the use of high-powered machines and tools that can malfunction at any time, placing those who use them at risk for catastrophic injuries and, perhaps, even death.
  • Slips and falls: Even if you are well-trained and adhere to all safety regulations in your workplace, there’s not much you can do to avoid injury if someone else has been negligent. Wet floors, inappropriately placed plugs or cords, or other debris lying on a step or in an area where you walk may catch you off-guard and cause you to suffer a terrible fall.
  • Overexertion: Actions related to lifting, pulling, pushing or throwing are reportedly the number one cause of workplace injuries today. Severity ranges from mild (a strained muscle) to partial or full permanent disabilities that may make it impossible for you to return to work.

These are not the only risks for injuries that exist in many workplaces. Hopefully, your employer has made you aware of all known dangers associated with your particular duties and has provided appropriate training and resources to minimize your risk.

Getting the help you need when an injury occurs

Especially if you’re the main breadwinner in your family, a workplace accident resulting in injury can be utterly devastating. If you’ve suffered bodily harm under such circumstances, one of your first thoughts was probably, “When will I be able to return to work?” Depending on the severity of your injury, recovery may take days, weeks or even months. In the meantime, you might begin to feel overwhelmed when medical bills start rolling in and no paycheck arrives to cover the costs.

This is the reason employers are obligated to purchase workers’ compensation insurance, so you and anyone else injured at work can receive benefits to pay expenses associated with such injuries and provide replacement monies for any wages lost during recovery. The process of filing a claim can be complicated, and some employers attempt to delay or deny requests, thereby causing further undue stress in situations that are already difficult. An experienced attorney can help overcome any obstacle that arises.


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