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February 2017 Archives

The importance of paying off debt quickly in Kentucky

There are many advantages to paying off large debts sooner rather than later. One of the most beneficial aspects of paying off one's debt is that it cuts accrued overall interest. For instance, high-APR credit cards can be expensive because of accumulating interest over time. The more money that a person pays on a credit card debt, the sooner it can be paid off.

The scary health risks faced by hospital health care workers

Health care workers are incredibly important, yet hospital employees face significant risks to their health and well-being every time they go to work. In addition to exposure to dangerous diseases and contagious illnesses, employees in the health care industry often suffer various types of physical injuries as well.

American credit card debt tops $1 trillion

Families in Kentucky and around the country are sinking deeper and deeper into debt. Wages have risen slowly over the past 10 years, but these modest gains have not been enough to keep up with inflation. Many America families have turned to credit cards to make ends meet, and this has fueled a surge in revolving debt balances across the country. Americans now owe credit card companies more than $1 trillion, and most experts expect this figure to keep rising.

Debt management tips for millennials

Kentucky's millennial generation is growing up. The youngest members are in their final years of university, and the oldest members are now in their 30s, buying homes and raising families. Unfortunately, two-thirds of millennials are facing adulthood with at least one source of long-term debt, often student loans. However, by learning how to manage their money and pay down debt, they can find financial relief and reach their life goals.

Seeking financial restoration options?

Not only in Kentucky, but pretty much throughout the nation, times are tough when it comes to making ends meet. Many people work two or three jobs just to get by. The days when dad goes to work and mom stays home to raise the kids are becoming obsolete, often replaced by households where both parents work outside the home full-time. Even then, many couples say they have little or nothing left over after paying their bills and providing for the basic needs of their children.

Are you at risk for workplace injuries?

Kentucky is a great place to live and work as many residents like yourself may agree. However, whether you live in Lexington, Louisville or another region, it's also true that many jobs are dangerous, and some workplaces, which appear safe at first glance, may be prime environments for potential injuries to occur.

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