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January 2017 Archives

Shift work can be risky and harmful to one's health

Shift work can pose serious dangers to Kentucky residents who have occupations in the health care industry, at grocery stores, fire stations, in facilities that house people 24 hours a day or where there is need for employees to keep an operation continuously running. A lack of sleep can lead to serious health problems, according to a comprehensive review on shift work.

High injury risks for construction workers

According to a recent study, construction workers in Kentucky and throughout the U.S. are at a high risk to suffer workplace injuries to joints, tendons, nerves and muscles. This news comes in spite of the many safety improvements that have been made during the last 25 years.

Pit bulls may deserve their reputation

Many people protest the labeling of pit bulls as vicious. They say branding the breed as dangerous is unfair, and that the dogs are actually sweet natured if raised right. Nevertheless, the sight of the injuries inflicted on your child by a pit bull attack may overshadow any concern you have for how the dog was raised.

Study finds harassment by debt collectors is prevalent

Kentucky residents who are struggling to pay their bills might feel stress about making payments and do not need any extra worries when it comes to making ends meet. However, those who are having financial problems might face more difficulty in the form of pushy debt collectors. One report suggests that some collection agencies overstep their bounds when dealing with those who owe money.

Looking out for and preventing suspension trauma

Kentucky employees who are required to work at height often use equipment to protect themselves against falls that could be fatal. However, full-body safety gear can also have risks, especially if the person suffers prolonged suspension after a fall. For example, employees are at risk for suffering orthostatic intolerance, also called suspension trauma.

Failing to disclose assets may lead to discharge denial

When Kentucky residents file for bankruptcy, it is important that they are honest and that they follow the bankruptcy court's rules. Hiding assets and income or otherwise attempting to abuse the process may lead to a their inability to successfully discharge their debts.

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