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What benefits are offered by workers’ compensation insurance?

On Behalf of | Dec 23, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

Like workers in all industries in Kentucky, you may also face various dangerous situations in your work environment every day. While you may find comfort in the knowledge that your employer provides insurance to cover your medical expenses should you suffer a workplace injury, you may have questions about the types of benefits the workers’ compensation program provides.

  • Medical care: You have the right to medical treatment for any occupational injury – for relief or cure. The insurance program covers all your medical bills – hospitals, doctors, your prescriptions and even your mileage costs to get to and from the doctor or hospital.
  • Temporary disability: If your doctor regards your injury as severe enough to prevent you from returning to work for some time, you may be eligible for temporary disability benefits. You will then receive a portion of your lost wages – usually approximately two-thirds of your average pay. The insurance program typically pays this every two weeks.
  • Permanent disability: If you suffered a catastrophic injury, you might be permanently disabled. This means that you will not be able to return to your regular job, nor would you be able to do any other job that is typically available for uninjured workers. If you receive permanent disability benefits, the severity of the limitation it places on your abilities will be evaluated. The insurance program will also consider your age, normal occupation, average income and more. If you qualify for permanent disability benefits, your future income might also be covered.
  • Vocational rehabilitation: Your injury may prevent you from returning to your former job, but your workers’ compensation insurance benefits may cover vocational rehabilitation. This involves assistance to find you another job that you can do despite your temporary or permanent disability. You will receive partial income, and it may even lead to your employer offering you a different position doing a job that accommodates your physical limitations.

If you have suffered a workplace injury that caused time away from work and mounting medical bills, you may be facing financial difficulties that compromise your ability to care for your family. If the prospect of navigating a workers’ compensation claim is overwhelming, you can rely on the skills of an experienced Shelbyville workers’ compensation attorney to help with the administrative and legal procedures. He or she can provide the needed guidance and support to complete the claims process. If your claim is denied, a lawyer can handle the appeals process to work on securing fair compensation.


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