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Could a third party be liable for your work accident?

On Behalf of | Dec 2, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

If you were hurt in a work accident, you have the right to certain benefits through workers’ compensation insurance. It can be quite complex to secure these benefits, and, sometimes, this support is not adequate to cover your financial needs as you recover. In this situation, it is possible that there will be other sources of compensation available to you.

In some cases, a third party may be liable for your injuries and financial losses. A third-party civil claim is not always the most beneficial course of action, and it is important to work with a Kentucky lawyer who can identify an appropriate option for you.

How to know if you have grounds for a civil claim

If your accident occurred while you were on the job and you wish to explore the possibility of a third-party claim, you need a lawyer with experience in both workers’ compensation and personal injury claims. You could be eligible for compensation from additional sources if the following apply to your case:

  • A defective or dangerous tool or product caused your on-the-job accident.
  • You were driving your work vehicle when another driver caused an accident due to negligent or reckless driving.
  • You suffered a slip-and-fall accident or were hurt due to a safety hazard (not caused by your employer) as you were leaving work.
  • An animal attacked and bit you while you were acting within the scope of your job duties.

Even if you are eligible for workers’ compensation, you may also be eligible for additional recompense to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation needs and other accident-related financial losses. Any third party that could be liable for what happened to you may be named in a civil claim.

Maximize the compensation that you need and deserve

No amount of compensation can undo the damage done, but financial compensation can help you move forward and handle your health care needs after a serious work accident. You have the right to explore all available sources of compensation and protect your rights as a victim.

The law is complex, and navigating the claims process is complicated. You need a lawyer who will come alongside you, carefully evaluate your case and explore every available way to maximize your rightful recovery, whether it is through a workers’ compensation claim or a third-party personal injury claim.


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