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September 2016 Archives

Attorney fees treated as domestic support obligation

Kentucky debtors who are considering filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection might be interested in learning about a case that more clearly defines what a domestic support obligation includes. Domestic support obligations are not able to be discharged in bankruptcy. In Chapter 13 plans, they are considered to be priority debts that must be paid in full during the repayment plan period.

What can we expect with self-driving cars?

If one is to believe news reports, self-driving, or driverless cars could be on American roads within the next five to 10 years. While these estimates may be overly optimistic, the fact remains that both domestic and foreign automakers are investing millions in this technology. In addition, Google and transportation companies such as Lyft and Uber are also making substantial investments in self-driving technology. Recently the federal government released safety guidelines for self-driving vehicles. Despite these investments, while self-driving cars may be the future, they are not the present.

Social media in injury and workers' comp cases: use caution

Everyone is online these days, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or some other form of social media. While social media has many positive benefits, it also has a downside. People who have been injured, either at work or by someone else's negligence, need to be very careful about their social media presence.

How debt can get out of control

Kentucky residents who are drowning in unpaid debts may find that it is very difficult to save money for the future. Debt problems may be one of the major reasons why most of Americans have less than $1,000 set aside in a savings account. When the interest on debts starts to add up, a person may find that it's time to seek some financial advice.

What is no-fault insurance and why is it important?

Following a motor vehicle accident, a person will have to deal with many issues. If you were injured, making the fullest possible physical recovery should be first and foremost on your mind. There are other issues as well, however. For instance, you will need to buy a new car or have it repaired, depending on the damage. You will also have to deal with your insurance company. Dealing with insurance companies is rarely easy.

Despite the dangers, too many motorists text while driving

Driving a motor vehicle requires a person's full attention at all times. Unfortunately, as smartphones have become commonplace in everyday life, many people text, surf the Internet, or engage in social media forums, like Twitter and Facebook while behind the wheel. The average amount of time someone looks at their phone while driving is roughly five seconds. Someone who takes their eyes off the road for five seconds while driving 55 miles per hour travels the length of a football field. Considering these dangers, the consequences of distracted driving are both predictable and tragic.

Healthcare professionals face serious workplace injury risks

When people think of dangerous jobs, construction or law enforcement may be the first jobs to come to mind. However, healthcare professionals, including nurses, have some of the highest rates of injury of any profession. Nurses in particular face unique challenges. These challenges include:

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