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Pitfalls Of Debt Consolidation In Kentucky

Debt consolidation companies make a lot of promises. You have probably been bombarded with advertising from debt consolidation companies that claim they can help you eliminate your debt. Perhaps you have even considered going to one for help. Unfortunately, the vast majority of debt consolidation companies are scams.

Before you contact a debt consolidation company, speak with a qualified bankruptcy attorney. In addition to providing many of the same services debt consolidation companies offer, our attorneys at Robinson Salyers, PLLC, offer something those companies cannot: legal representation.

Debt consolidation companies promise to consolidate or negotiate your debt; all you have to do is send them a fee. Many people have done this, only to face lawsuits by creditors who were supposedly part of the debt consolidation program. If you are being sued by a creditor after sending money to a debt consolidation firm, our lawyers can advocate forcefully on your behalf. In some cases, it is possible to recover money paid to debt consolidation companies by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Debt Negotiation Attorneys In Shelbyville And Frankfort

Before you give any money to a debt consolidation company, contact an attorney like our founder, John Christopher Robinson. He can negotiate with creditors for offers in compromise. Creditors prefer to get some money rather than no money at all, so they are often willing to accept less than what you owe. When negotiation is not enough, bankruptcy is an option that will allow you to restructure your debt or eliminate it altogether.

Contact Our Lawyers Today To Protect Your Rights

Before contacting a debt consolidation company, speak with an experienced bankruptcy attorney. Contact Robinson Salyers, PLLC, in Shelbyville at 502-220-4439 or Frankfort at 502-257-5417.