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App aims to reduce heat-related work hazards

Every year, thousands of U.S. workers are treated for heat exhaustion and other heat-related conditions. To address this, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration have collaborated to create an app that workers and employers in Kentucky and around the country can use to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion.

Robot injuries on the job

As the use of robots in many fields ranging from surgery to automotive manufacturing increases in Kentucky and around the country, there will also be more cases of them causing accidents. Robots may be used to chop vegetables in restaurants, by police to check buildings, and by hospitals to distribute medicine. According to one vice-president of a company that manufactures robots for the automotive industry, the most common accidents occur when robotic cells are being programmed or when a person is troubleshooting a robot that is not functioning properly.

Keeping mines safe and healthy for workers

Kentucky workers who are employed in the mining industry understand just how dangerous and life-threatening thgeir occupation can be. As such, every person involved in the industry, including the CEO's and top-level employees, should be highly involved in mine safety and health to prevent potentially fatal accidents and diseases.

Staying safe on a stepladder

Kentucky residents may use stepladders for everything from changing a lightbulb to stringing lights in the office for the holidays. However, it is important to use them properly to reduce the risk of injury. One easy way to stay safe is to check the rating on a ladder before using it. This helps to ensure that it can handle an individual's weight in addition to any tools needed to do a job.

How long will I wait for my workers' comp benefits?

While no workplace is 100 percent safe, some workers are at higher risks than others, and many face serious safety hazards every day. Knowing your rights when it comes to workplace injuries is especially important if you work in the construction, manufacturing, logging, agricultural or other hazardous industry. While Medicare's or Social Security Disability Insurance can take many months or years to kick in after you suffered debilitating injuries, some workers' compensation benefits will start immediately.

Don't underestimate the emotional impact of an amputation

Nearly every industry comes with its share of work-related hazards, but some industries see many more serious and life-changing injuries than most. Each year, numerous workers lose limbs due to their injuries. An amputation could result from injuries such as the following:

Eye safety in the workplace

Kentucky workers who are in occupations in which there might be abrasive or corrosive materials or flying objects may be in danger of an eye injury. However, there are a number of steps they and their employers can take in the workplace to help protect their eyes. Prevent Blindness is an organization that focuses on eye safety, and it has several suggestions. It considers protective equipment to be not a first line of defense but the last. Workers should first ensure that the area is free of hazards. They should also use work screens, machine guarding and other devices for protection.

The scary health risks faced by hospital health care workers

Health care workers are incredibly important, yet hospital employees face significant risks to their health and well-being every time they go to work. In addition to exposure to dangerous diseases and contagious illnesses, employees in the health care industry often suffer various types of physical injuries as well.

Are you at risk for workplace injuries?

Kentucky is a great place to live and work as many residents like yourself may agree. However, whether you live in Lexington, Louisville or another region, it's also true that many jobs are dangerous, and some workplaces, which appear safe at first glance, may be prime environments for potential injuries to occur.

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